Call Center Solutions

Out-bound Store Level smart call :

  • Promotional alerts
  • Professional In-Side Sales Teams
  • Information gathering
  • Modular checks
  • Zero sales & phantom inventory corrections
  • Product recalls, and more. All accomplished through a phone call!

In-bound Call Center Programs:

  • We provide a dedicated in-bound 800# call line with a live operator to handle your dynamic marketing needs
  • Store level or customer technical support programs.
  • Consumer Satisfaction hotlines
  • Rewards programs

Outbound Business to Business or Direct to Consumer Call Center Programs:

  • Outbound lead generation services
  • State of the art call center systems with auto dialers
  • All calls are recorded and provided with the daily reporting
  • Ability to provide targeted leads
  • Internal Training Programs to achieve high levels of success

Store level visit Pre-calls:

  • In coordination with our Merchandising Services, we utilize our call center to call the stores prior to our in-store visit. This one call can greatly enhance your store level results, setting your call up for success!

Quality Assurance:

  • We utilize our call center to audit and confirm completion of the store level merchandising call. Through this process, we drive fraudulent reporting out of the system assuring integrity on the part of our employees, as well as assuring Dept. Manager satisfaction with our service. If we determine that there is a problem through our QA calls, we immediately go back and fix the problem.

More on Smart Call (Store Level Phone Calls):

A unique, affordable, and effective approach to merchandising. Retail Integrity utilizes a specialized staff to make phone calls to stores. Our people are trained to collect information from dept. managers, audit store merchandising activity, phone sales, as well as encourage the dept. mgr to push important initiatives at store level.

Experienced! Our people make calls to stores every single day. Through years of experience, we have identified the most effective ways of communicating with store level management.

Speed! With over 60 trained call center representatives, we can deploy quickly, in some cases as little as one day. We can call 3,600 stores in as little as (2-3) business days.

Smart! Alert dept. managers to your merchandising initiatives. With thousands of skus arriving at store level every day, simply calling out a product or promotion through a phone call can greatly enhance your success. We can Drive Awareness at store level.

Cost Effective! Limited budget? A phone call to a Dept. Manager can accomplish many of the same tasks that most companies hire a merchandiser to perform at a fraction of the cost. Utilizing our call center will reduce the # of stores that need a live in-store representative through up front information gathering.

Results! We customize the call script to your needs and capture multiple choice as well as open ended commentary. Reports are provided at the end of the call cycle including a top line and store level detail that are completely sort able. 

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