In 2007, SOFT-TECH BPO (Pvt) Ltd launched a unique call center outsourcing model which was enthusiastically received by clients. After 4 years as a call center referral and consultation service, we have grown with thousands of clients in our network, and we continue to lead the industry by

Telemarketing Services Industry Leader

1.Perfecting our ability to size up an opportunity for any client, large or small
2.Constantly monitoring industrial trends
3.Staying abreast with all the current technologies
4.Maintaining a base of contacts that lets us create an ideal solution for any situation
5.Offering the fastest turnaround possible: less than 24 hours with a benchmark of 10 minutes
6.Representing several Call Centers, including what the industry refers to as its award winning "Top 50 Call Centers" -- connecting our clients to only the most recognized and effective providers
7.Saving our clients the immense amount of time required to identify the right call center.

Our Commitment as an BPO Provider
1.You will always receive a prompt call back if you leave a message.
2.You will always receive a prompt response to an email inquiry
3.We do what we say. That means on time and on budget.
4.You will never get the corporate "run around You receive these services for free because the call centers cover all the fees. We help you find the best course of action, for your telemarketing/telesales needs. We provide high level of satisfactions to our customers and our sole target or say goal is, to increase the rate of Return on Investment (ROI), of your organization.

SOFT-TECH BPO is currently providing its telemarketing services around the world in the given verticals.

  • Tele Leads Generation
  • Tele Surveys
  • Tele Appointments setting Services
  • Tele Sales Services
  • Tele Customer Services Support Inbound/Outbound
  • Tele Tech Support 
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Tele Upselling/Cross Selling
  • Data Entry Services Online & Offline
  • Medical Transcription
  • SEO

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