Training and Development, Soft Skills Training 

SOFT Skills Training

SOFT Skills Training an important part of Management Training as it has a significant impact on Personality Development. The  SOFT  Skills Training conducted by SOFT-TECH BPO Training Solutions focuses on elements of Training and Development that require changes in behavior and thinking.SOFT Skills as opposed to hard skills (such as technical skills), greatly impact the personality development of employees. Organizations today recognize that the professional development of their employees plays an important part in maintaining relationships with their customers and developing a successful business. Organizations that endeavor to be on the path of continuous learning will often find that upgrading the ' SOFT skills' of their workforce a necessary part of business. It not only helps improve service but also shows the interest that an organization has in the professional development of their employees, which in turn leads to higher employee retention. Many organizations we have worked with point out that SOFT skills are high in the list of requirements for global business; hence an important part of management training. They have found that SOFT skills such as Cultural Sensitivity, Business Etiquette and good Communication Skills (telephone etiquette, email etiquette, information gathering and listening skills) make a greater impact on clients from across the world rather than a high degree of technical skills.SOFT-TECH BPO Training Solutions primarily focuses on Training and Development. Our SOFT skill training programs encompass a wide range of skills that most organizations find an integral and necessary part of everyday business. From basic communication skills to strategy and change management SOFT-TECH BPO Training Solutions offers a wide range of SOFT skills training to address every business need. It an integral part of corporate leadership training in today's world. Our SOFT Skills Training Materials are usually designed and developed based on analysof training needs and are delivered at locations across the globe as per the requirements of the client organization. We primarily deliver the training in 3 formats:

  • Create, Customize and Deliver the training
  • Create, Customize and Train the Trainers of the organization
  • Create, Customize and hand over the material to the organization 

Business Consulting, Corporate Training 

Business Consulting 

The Business Consulting services conducted by SOFT-TECH BPO focuses on 3 key areas:

  • HR Consulting
  • Process Consulting
  • Strategy Consulting

Be it developing strategy, managing people or re-engineering processes, SOFT-TECH BPO Training Solutions has the expertise to provide advisory services to help organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness. Our consulting company assesses business needs, reviews existing business functions and current and future plans and then, finally, suggests changes that will enable the organization to succeed in this ever changing competitive environment. Why would you choose SOFT-TECH BPO  as your consulting company? Our consultants have significant exposure to and relationships with numerous organizations; hence they are aware of industry "best practices". Our client list is a testament to the caliber of the companies that we have worked with. This together with MBA from world renowned educational institutions and work exposure in numerous cultures, make our consultants a force to reckon with. What are the benefits of business consulting?

  • Innovative solutions
  • Increased efficiency in operations
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Lower stress levels
  • Greater employee morale

Leader Development, Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching programs coach significant people in organizations to evolve as better leaders. Leadership Training is the only way to stay competitive in this tough, changing economy. Executive Coaching and Business Mentoring today, is widely accepted as an essential part of the process of continuous learning in the arena of competitive business. It is an integral part of leadership development for top-rung executives. Executive Coaching is a one-to-one collaboration between a certified coach and an executive, who wants to better his/her leadership skills, access new perspectives and above all reach maximum potential.According to a nationwide survey of more than 300 companies by Manchester, a human capital consulting firm. Another 20% of organizations said they plan to offer such coaching within the next year.Top corporate executives acknowledge the energising role that executive coaching consultants play and are fast seeking the expertise of an executive coach in order to strengthen their business vision, performance and capacities.

Business mentoring and coaching provides continuous support and is an investment that is made in developing your key resource, high-level managers, for the long-term benefit of the organization. The penetration of culture is always from top to bottom; so coaching the leaders in providing environments that stimulate development will have an exponential effect on the growth of the company.

Usually Corporate Coaching focuses on three aspects:

  • Strategy
  • Organisational Change
  • Behavioral Coaching

Our program primarily focuses on behavioural change. It is aimed towards positive and measurable improvement in behaviour of the participants, by identifying specific behaviours to improve upon and choosing concrete methods of change.  

Working with our professional training consultants in a collaborative relationship, using a holistic approach, you will experience innovative and creative techniques as you develop immediate action steps to:
  • Manage up and manage down
  • Successfully sell your ideas
  • Achieve results with ease
  • Become an inspired leader and raise your emotional intelligence (EI) quotient
  • Boost your creative intelligence
  • Create deep and satisfying people relationships
  • Attract success in life, work, and business
  • Start enjoying the rest of your life
  • The emphasis will be on developing your abilities in these key leadership competencies:
  • Communication - listening intently and conveying a clear message
  • Empathy - to seek understanding and rapport even under pressure
  • Achieve results with ease
  • Impacting others - recognizing each person's individual skills while building consensus
  • Vision - painting a picture of the future in practical terms
  • Leadership Training Concepts that are used by SOFT-TECH BPO's Training Solutions Executive Coaching:
  • Vision & Practical Optimism
  • Focus on What Works
  • Exit your Comfort Zone
  • Leading in Critical Situations
  • Core Values and Choosing between Right and Right
  • Learn to Fail or Fail to Learn
  • Permission to be Human
  • Reflection - Action - Reflection

Discover your strengths, develop motivational skills and take charge by asking for a free telephone consultation to get started.

Leader Development, Business Process Management

BPO Training 

BPOs gave Pakistan a significant place in global business. Our years of involvement with call centers have given us the ability to establish ourselves as a consulting company in the BPO services sector. We have teamed up with management consulting firms that have had significant achievements in this space; hence we are a force to reckon with. SOFT-TECH BPO Training Solutions provides consulting in the following spaces:
Recommending the right technology – in partnership with SPH Solutions LLC.
Creating the most efficient processes – in partnership with TLG Group BPO.
Recommend ways to understand the effectiveness of these processes – in partnership with TLG Group BPO.
Provide soft skills and process training to the employees
Below is a list of clients that we have served in the BPO industry:

  • Scope International
  • TLG Group BPO
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions – BPO Division
  • SPH Solutions LLC
  • Sutherland Global Services
  • Allsec Technologies
  • Superior Group
  • Decatrend Technologies
  • DbyDx Technologies
  • Sacombank
  • Summit HR

Corporate Training, Management Skills Training

Managerial Training

Our Managerial Training Program aims to equip managers on the following aspects that are essential to their role:

  • Email Writing
  • Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Building the Team

Middle management is a critical element of any organization’s structure as they serve as the link between Executives and Frontline Managers. More often than not, organizations have found that a highly skilled, well trained set of managers can help steadily drive the organization towards it objectives, financial and otherwise. Today’s managers have to play more than just supervisory roles. Apart from playing the role of the leader and guide they also don the roles of facilitators, coaches, communicators and team members. Hence manager training is a critical component in today’s organizational environment. Through our experience in working with a large range of clientele, we have found that organizations investing in Management Training usually reap high returns, as it means an organization will have better leaders. Better leaders can always lead and guide better teams. This will also have an indirect impact on organizational and team communication, employee morale and productivity.SOFT-TECH BPO Training Solutions offers Supervisor Training aims to equip managers, with varying skills and experience, to fulfill the needs of the organization. We customize our programs to cater to the needs of each of our clients. We pride ourselves in customizing our programs to cater to the needs of each of our clients. The Manager training programs offered by SOFT-TECH BPO Training Solutions are usually designed and developed based on analysis of training needs and is delivered at locations across the globe as per the requirements of the client organization.

Leader Development, Training for Leadership

Leadership Development

Business leadership is critical as organizations depend upon capable leadership to guide them through unprecedented changes. Hence, organizations are paying more emphasis to leadership development and reaching out for Executive Coaching and Soft Skills Training for the top leadership. However, there is ample evidence in the news and in recent leadership articles that even some of the best and most venerable organizations are failing to adapt to change, implement their strategic plans successfully or prepare for a more uncertain future. We believe the turmoil we are currently observing has something to do with ineffective leadership competencies, and that if we don’t change our current approach to leadership development, we will see even more of the same. As well-known companies disappear or are taken over (think of Lucent, Chrysler, Lehman Brothers, Northern Rock, Merrill Lynch) and new forces like the economies of China and Pakistan rise, surveys of business leadership show that they believe the one factor that will determine their fate is the quality of their leadership talent. Yet many top executives bemoan the lack of leadership bench strength in their companies and wonder what will happen once the baby-boomer generation of leaders finally steps aside. Can we count on the next generation of leaders to step up once they are in position? Or are we seeing evidence of a talent gap that cannot be closed and will result in even greater numbers of high-profile failures? Knowing the best way to develop your people and grow organizational leadership begins with clarifying your business strategy and asking, what should leadership look like to get us there? Then, you create a leadership development strategy with specific recommendations for developing current and future leaders, as well as the collective capabilities of the organization's leadership. Leadership Competencies: Independent studies undertaken by the leading consulting and business houses in the year 2010 has revealed the following top leadership qualities and skills that they

look for in their leadership team going forward:

  • Inspiring commitment
  • Being a quick learner
  • Respecting individual differences
  • Being culturally adaptive
  • Compassion and sensitivity
  • Self Awareness
  • Participative management
  • Change Management
  • Resourcefulness
  • Strategic Management
  • Leading People
  • Motivator

Skill Gap:
A parallel study of leadership development has also revealed 5 major flaws that cause once successful managers to derail while moving towards senior leadership positions:

  • Difficulty meeting business objectives
  • Problems with interpersonal relationships
  • Difficulty building & leading teams
  • Inability to adapt & change shifting mindsets
  • Lack of Cross Functionality

SOFT-TECH BPO Training Solutions recommends a Leadership Development Program that not only supports the desirable Leadership Competencies but also addresses the Skill Gap.

Delivering Value:

Recommended Workshops under "Delivering Value":

  • Self Efficacy - Shifting Mindsets
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Feedback Coaching & Mentoring - Performance Dialogues
  • Creativity & Problem Solving
  • Critical thinking

Business Leadership

Recommended Workshops under "Business Leadership"

  • Effective & Assertive Communication
  • Planning & organizing - Time Management
  • Adaptive Leadership for effective change management
  • Appreciative Inquiry

People Leadership

Recommended Workshops under "People Leadership"

  • Managing & Building Teams
  • Efficient Functioning of Teams - Outbound Training
  • Effective Delegation
  • Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership

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